The micro-credit industry immediately after payday is a widely discussed provider of alternative financial payday loans online in california services (afs). Various regulations used in all states, including regulation of financial fees, regulation of the loan term, regulation of the loan amount and taboos, try to distract customers from this area to the main lending options that increase the welfare of buyers in the long run. Using the current assessment sheet for the survey of citizens not covered by banking services /not covered by banking services, for 2009 and 2011, i analyze the effectiveness of both types of legislation existing in all states in such years. Considering the use of micro-loans for payday, the use of alternative banking services to cash out securities, payday loans in LA and the use of alternative banking services to study transfers of funds in just the years preceding the survey, i find that the virtuosity of collecting financial fees are extremely effective for clients to refuse micro-loans at the time of payday, and the rules for the maximum loan term and payment are unambiguously simple for buyers to refuse afs for financial transfers. Considering the side effects of demand, i find that the virtuosity of charging financial fees is effective, since they reduce the chance of the phenomenon that the user will consider a payday loan more convenient, convenient or affordable than bank loans.